6 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with Holy Air design & Mother of Pearl stone


This is a Pretty Echo whistle flute. I call them whistle flutes because of the way the mouthpiece is shaped….like an old school whistle. The reed is stationary and flat which means no need to adjust or chance of loss.  It’s construction is mostly funnel therefore giving a rich solid vibration throughout playing it. As the flutes get longer they will get deeper. This one starts at a soothing 465Hz and will rise to a 920Hz when playing in the five hole style with the third hole from the top closed. There are many factors to how a flute will sound. Wood type. Finger hole placement. Length. Thickness of funnel walls. Burned design. Stone inlay. Just to name a few. So, my experience is that Pretty Echo Spirit Flutes sound like our voices. Unique and different with each individual.

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This is a 6 hole whistle flute made of cedar with a black walnut reed. The design is the Holy Air. It’s the air that carries my words when we communicate so the ancestors say it’s a holy element. I inlayed a Mother of Pearl stone into the wood. It’s a very pretty flute. I shaped it with eight sides to really honor the structure of a hogan. The wood grain is dark and solid. I put a special touch upon the flute with my custom unique finger hole countersink. This flute is an instrument of wellness, weapon of protection and vibrates Love.