18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Mahogany with Bear Claw, Fire and Celestial Moon inlay


This is an 18 inch traditional style hardwood Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of mahogany and inlayed with a celestial moon of different woods. The designs are of bear claws with a burning fire. Though we walk through fire, at times, we shall continue on in the journey of life. The reed piece is shaped like a bear for strength and perseverance. The moon symbol is a reminder to be ever changing like the cycles of the moon Herself.

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This flute made of mahogany is unique and one of a kind. The sound is strong and sweet. With all holes closed, the vibration starts at 455Hz and will reach a 925Hz when playing with the third finger hole closed and all others open. The finger holes are for small hands and fingers. The reach is short in front while playing. In the future I plan to incorporate a sound sample but for now the best I can do is a video chat or send you a sound sample upon contact. I reduced the price since I did make the flute before the pandemic, 2019.