18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar with 5 Hematite Starburst


This flute measures approximately 18 inches and is adorned with 5 inlayed Hematite stone with a starburst design. It’s made of cedar with a cedar reed piece shaped like an Eagle’s head. Wrapped with deerskin lace and silver plated beads and cones. Signed and dated for authenticity. The deepest tone starts at 440Hz with all finger holes closed and rises to a sweet 890Hz playing with the third finger hole remaining closed while all others are open. As with all my creations, my goal is a sweet scale achieved with a simple soft blowing action.

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This is an 18 inch traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made entirely of aromatic cedar. The reed piece is shaped like an Eagle’s head for wisdom and knowledge. I wrapped it to the flute with deerskin lace separate times representing wellness in terms of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I inlayed it with hemitite stones that took some damage while I was shaping them into the wood. Imperfect like me. I would suggest someone capable of playing with a wider finger placement while holding the flute close to the player.