18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar with Four Sacred Mountains & Weaver design


This is an 18 inch traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of cedar with a bear shaped reed piece tied upon the flute with a deerskin lace. Inlayed with a turquoise stone starburst and Navajo inspired designs handburned into the wood. The finger holes on this flute are close together for smaller hands, as well, as being short for the comfort of playing in front of yourself without excessive stretching to reach the holes. The vibration of this flute starts at 450Hz with closed holes to a higher 920Hz with opened finger holes. To keep the true authentic Native American sound, I believe, in a planotonic scale of half notes and measuring hertz instead of a measured keyed note, although, some flutes do end up on a certain keyed note, at times, it’s not intentional.

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This traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute is made of aromatic cedar. I put a bear shaped reed piece tied upon the flute for adornment as well as an intrigue part of the air flow. The designs that decorate this flute are truly Navajo inspired. There is the Four Sacred mountains representing home. There is the design between the finger holes that honor my grandmother who was a Navajo rug weaver. I left the designs empty so the player can fill that space with dreams, wishes and, maybe, goals. I’m not the one to decide. The turquoise starburst is the owner of the flute, Holy, Sacred and Divine. That’s everyone! I put a broken arrow on the side of the bear to represent peace within the words we share to one another. The finger holes are very pretty themselves, if you look closely, and truly unique.