21” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar with Holy Wind design, MOP stone & Zebrawood eagle’s head reed


This flute is amazing! Made of cedar with a zebrawood Eagle’s head reed piece tied down with soft deerskin lace. The four separate wraps represent the ancestors. I adorned the surface with the Holy Air symbol and a Mother of Pearl stone. Altogether, this flute honors our ancestral teachings. Honoring where we come from. Verbal teachings, stories and affirmations of things done correctly. The additional wraps are a symbol of protection and safety. I hand burned all designs and signed the flute. The longer the flute the deeper the sound so this one starts at a low 396Hz and remains at a mellow 820Hz when playing with the third finger hole from the top closed and all others open. Vibrating a soft warmth, it’s soothing and strong. This flute is a prime example of what 26 years experience produces.

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Made for somebody who wants to vibrate a strong and soft presence. This flute is awesome and a work of art. Built solid and to last for generations. My recommendation is that this flute go to an experienced player or someone serious about learning to play. The finger hole placement is further apart for more larger fingers and the reach is extended a bit in front of the player.