18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar/zebrawood reed with Bear Claw design & Hematite stone


This is a Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made in the traditional manner with a Zebrawood reed piece wrapped to the flute with a deerskin lace. It measures 18 inches with finger holes positioned for smaller hands. The reach is short in front of the player. This flute is for someone with experience or a person determined to learn to play. As I listen to it, I hear a sweetness that sings to one’s soul. A remarkable instrument for anyone.

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This traditional style flute is made of cedar and adorned with a Bear claw design and a inlayed hematite stone with a starburst. I hand burned all the designs by hand myself. The reed piece represents a dove nesting or at rest. Calling for peace in all four directions. The sound is sweet and mellow. The vibration starts at 460Hz with all holes closed to a solid 900Hz playing with the third finger hole from the top closed and all others open. The best I can do for a sound sample is to have a video chat or send you a sound clip. This is a beautiful sounding flute.