16” 6 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar/Laminate rainbow reed & CZ stones


Sometimes I can’t believe what I create. What is possible out of the holy air. How time and experience give a lasting impression. That’s this flute. I’m not a “professional”. I’m a simple man who has mastered the art of airflow in an intimate relationship with the wood, that’s it and it’s everything to me. It produced this flute made of cedar with a rainbow reed. I added CZ stones for sparkle and overall balance to the flute. The vibe starts at a sweet 460Hz with all holes closed. It will rise to a 910Hz when you play five hole style with the third hole from the top closed. That’s where I find my scale and playing style. The finger hole positioning of this flute requires someone who has good finger flexibility. Reach isn’t far but the holes are spaced out. I shaped it octagon, eight-sided, to honor the hogan, the traditional home structure of my tribe, the Diné.

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This beauty is slick and feel’s comfortable in your hands. I made this out of aromatic cedar and adorned it with cubic zirconia stones to make it sparkle. I left the sides flat but I thinned the walls a bit. The laminate rainbow reed is stretched because the wood is so pretty and I wanted a different vibe from the same size flute. Don’t be confused that because this is a whistle flute it doesn’t contain the same medicine as a traditional style flute. This flute is just a condensed version with just as powerful a vibe. What I like about this version of flute is that the reed is stationary. It won’t move or be lost. You can travel with it and not worry. I’d advise a travel tube, case or, at least, a protective sock around any flute you travel with.