16” 6 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Custom Cedar


The Aztec
This is one of a kind creation. A unique shape and feel. When it was complete and done it had an Azteca feel to it because of the shape it has. I made it out of cedar and put a mahogany reed on it. The vibe it starts at is a mellow 405Hz and rises to a frequency of 785Hz playing with the five hole style of the third hole from the top closed. The finger holes are close together for small to medium hands but little fingertips to cover the holes completely when playing.

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Made of cedar and side stepped on all the sides to give it a leveling up feeling and a stair step look. I call it “The Aztec” for that reason. I, also, made the finger holes with the special countersink pattern I use. This flute is unique and one of a kind. I’m the only other person who has a flute like this one.