4 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with red Paou shell


This is a 4 hole whistle flute made of cedar. The grain is dark, therefore, it’s constructed of the hardest part of the tree. Strong and durable. This original size was produced back in the day to fit in a Fanny pack for hiking. It has inspired all the other whistle flutes I produce. I adorned this flute with a red Paou shell to represent passion, determination and Love. Simple, beautiful and magnificent!

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A 4 hole whistle flute made for traveling, a gift to someone wanting to learn to play or an adornment in the household till someone picks it up and wants to play it. Whichever way, I make flutes to be made. This one is dark, rich with sound and durable. You can use two fingers from each hand to play it. As the flute gets longer, it’s going to start getting deeper and deeper.