4 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with Ebony stain


This is a 4 hole whistle flute made of cedar and stained an Ebony color. This is the first one I’ve ever done in this fashion. It’s very dark but very light to handle. I decided to exposed a part of the cedar for contrast. It’s very unique and sounds very rich. It’s is short for a flute so it’s vibration is still on the higher scale but still a singer. I signed it for authenticity, although, hard to see,

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This is a whistle flute made of cedar and stained black. I wanted something different and extraordinary. Short and compact, originally designed to fit in a Fanny pack, it’s a solid flute for a beginner, a gift to a loved one or a starter for a youngster, it’s a gorgeous flute for anyone. Play with two fingers from each hand and blow softly. Synchronize movement and breath, so that the melodies come. Some people play easily right from the start and others have to practice but it’s definitely possible to create music on this flute.