21” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar/zebrawood reed with Bear Claw & Fire designs and Hematite stone


This is a magical flute. A long time ago, I used to shoot specifically for this sound. Deep, resonating and solid! This is a traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of cedar with a bear shaped zebrawood reed piece tied down with a leather lace. All the ties on this flute are leather. I hand burn the bear claw and burning fire design myself representing life’s journey through the lessons. I added the hemitite starburst for protection of the owner’s health. The longer the funnel of a flute, the deeper the sound. The drawback is reach and finger hole placement. I would suggest this size and larger for someone with substantial reach ability and able to play with good finger flexibility.

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Now, we’re getting into the deep vibration many desire. The longer the funnel the deeper the sound. There are many aspects to the final vibe of a finished flute. Many years trial and error have resulted in the flutes I make so I have no desire to achieve a measured keyed note. If I did that, all keyed, scaled flutes would look exactly the same. I create a true Native American flute. A planotonic scale achieved with each size through a lot of mistakes. This flute has a solid 400Hz with all holes closed. It rises to a low sweet 785Hz with third finger hole closed and all others open. Remaining deep and soothing during play, it’s magical.