18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Black Walnut with Bear claw/fire design & turquoise stone with custom stand

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“The Urban Warrior”

This is an 18” traditional style hardwood Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of black walnut with a bear shaped reed piece tied down with deerskin lace. The bear claw design is burned into the wood by hand and is adorned with a turquoise starburst. I, also, added flames to the end of the flute. The bear shaped reed has a broken arrow design to represent how our words can be hurtful. The overall presence of this flute is for protection in an urban environment. To help the owner stay connected to the things that really matter. For someone who is longing for connection no matter where they are. A reminder of balance, harmony and Love. The stand is made of cedar and represents a city skyline.

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Black walnut is a hardwood but the darker the wood grain the harder the piece of wood. This flute is mixed with both grains and is amazing sounding. The lowest vibe measures 444Hz with all holes closed and rises to a enriching 875Hz while playing with the third hole closed and all others open. Very heavy for a flute and solid as can be. The finger holes are close for smaller hands and the reach is short and close to the chest for comfortable playing. The stand is made of cedar and represents a city skyline.