18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Mahogany with Oak inlay & Bear Claw design


This is an 18” traditional style hardwood Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of mohaghany with an oak inlay around the finger holes that are almost invisible until under the right light. Adorned with bear claws facing each other, it represents the inward journey to finding oneself. The tiger’s eye stone is present as reminder to avoid tunnel vision and look at things in a broader perspective. The bear shaped reed piece is tied down with a deerskin lace and has a broken arrow design on it to represent friendship. To be conscious of the words we speak.

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Until you really look closely, you wouldn’t notice the oak inlay in the mohaghany wood that wraps each finger hole. The holes are close together for smaller hands and the reach is close to the body in front of the player. The vibration of this flute starts at 442Hz with all hole closed and reaches a solid 910Hz when playing with the third hole closed and all others open. I made this flute in 2019 before the pandemic so I decided to reduce the price so it can find a new home.