16” 6 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar plain


This is the longest Pretty Echo Whistle Flute I produce. I made this one out of cedar with a black walnut reed. I decided to leave this one plain. The grain is beautiful and the sound from this flute is caressing. Soft and loving. It has just a touch of white cedar on the face. With all holes closed it’s going to vibe at a soft 435Hz and only rise to a sweet 885Hz playing in five hole style with the third finger hole from the top closed. The length gives it a deep sound. More masculine than feminine.

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This is made of cedar and has a great vibration. I left it plain without design or stone. I positioned the finger holes close together for small to medium hands. The play position is close in front near the face more than out and over the chest. I signed it and have a protective acrylic coat on it. Simple and really clean.