6 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with Bear claw/4 sacred mountains & Turquoise stone


This is a Pretty Echo whistle flute. I call them whistle flutes because of the way the mouthpiece is shaped….like an old school whistle. The reed is stationary and flat which means no need to adjust or chance of loss.  It’s construction is mostly funnel therefore giving a rich solid vibration throughout playing it. As the flutes get longer they will get deeper. This one starts at a soothing 445Hz and will rise to a 880Hz when playing in the five hole style with the third hole from the top closed. There are many factors to how a flute will sound. Wood type. Finger hole placement. Length. Thickness of funnel walls. Burned design. Stone inlay. Just to name a few. So, my experience is that Pretty Echo Spirit Flutes sound like our voices. Unique and different with each individual. 

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This is a 6 hole whistle flute made of cedar. This flute is a beautiful mixture of red and white. I centered the flute with a turquoise stone that represents the owner of the flute, Holy Sacred and Divine. Then I surrounded that with the four sacred mountains which define home, safety and protection. At either end of the finger holes I placed bear claws for balance of masculine and feminine. To honor mother and father with the spirit of the bear. Calm yet fierce. Gentle and ferocious. Mastering anger and having a peaceful relationship with it. This one truly humbles me as a maker. Finger holes on this one are for medium to small hands. The play poster is in front of the player and close to the mouth and face.