18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Mahogany with Star rising design Tiger’s eye stone with custom wood inlay and unique stand


“Walk in Beauty”

This is an 18” traditional style hardwood Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of mohaghany with a maple and black walnut wood inlay on the top half of this flute. The Eagle’s head shaped reed piece tied down with soft deerskin lace is for knowledge and wisdom and in four separate wraps to honor the owners well being spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The simple Star pattern across the top are like footprints and the way we walk. The colored rings around the finger holes are like traps and obstacles in life. To be careful! The Tiger’s eye stone is for perspective and focus. To not remain in tunnel vision on any certain subject. The stand is made of live edge maple and driftwood.

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This hardwood flute is made of mahogany and inlayed with maple and black walnut for a true rich vibration. It resonates a soothing vibration for it’s length. The sound starts at 440Hz with all holes closed and rises to a sweet 920Hz with the third hole closed and all others open. I believe the vibration is very comforting and soothing. It’s vibe is positive and strong. The finger holes are close together for small hands and the reach is short in front of you as you play. The stand is made of a live edge maple base with a driftwood cradle to support the flute. I’ve had the flute with me since 2019 so I am reducing the price so it will find a new home.