6 Hole sized Pretty Echo Spirit Whistle with 5 holes plain


This is a Pretty Echo whistle flute made of aromatic cedar. I felt no need for any design or inlay for this flute. It’s simple to look at but it sings a sweet vibration. Of all the flutes I produce, this size is at the top of the list. It has an awesome sound coming from it that really begins the more masculine sound from Pretty Echo. With all holes closed this will vibrate a soothing 460Hz and will rise to a still caressing 910Hz when playing with all the holes open. As it ages, the wood will darken and develop spots where you handle it most. Durable and perfect length for a backpack.

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This is a Pretty Echo Spirit Whistle made of cedar and, instead of 6 holes, I decided to make only 5 holes in this one. The difference between this one and a actual 5 hole is length of the funnel. This one has a deeper sound to it. I always like to keep a plain flute in each size. All I did was sign this one and it’s ready for a new home.