5 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with Weaver design


The design on this flute honors my grandmother who was a Navajo rug weaver in Arizona. Simple, elegant and vibrates magically. Made of the strong red part of the tree. This is my best selling flute for several reasons. First, it can be learned to be played in the five hole finger style a lot of players use. Once you learn how to hold it by placing a your third finger of either hand between holes 2 and 3 from the top (the newly added indention for your finger), you can use three fingers from the other hand and two from the hand with the third in between the holes. We can discuss it upon initial contact. This size is perfect for breath and finger movement synchronization which is how melodies are made. I like the fact that once you learn to play this flute, you can basically pick up any flute you come across and play it. Another reason is that this flute is compact and ready to travel with you on the next adventure. Lastly, anyone who is musically inclined, desires to learn to play or already plays will find much joy in this size flute. 

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This is a 5 hole whistle flute and, I believe, one of the best flutes I have to offer for any one wanting to learn to play. Therefore, from this size and larger I will offer the vibration range in hertz. This one starts at a solid vibration of 510Hz with all holes closed. It rises to a sweet 990Hz with all the holes open. The finger holes are close for small hands but far enough apart for large hands, too. I recently added the little intentions on either side of the flute for the player to place that third finger of whichever hand while you play.