4 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Cedar with Four Sacred Mountains


This is a 4 hole whistle flute made of cedar with a design that represents the four sacred mountains which is home. Shaped in a octagon shape, it’s solid and has a sweet vibration to it. As of now, the best I can do is send a sound sample after initial contact through video chat or sound clips. This flute is perfect for a beginner, experienced player or someone who is musically inclined.

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The Four Sacred Mountains of my people, the Diné, the Navajo. We are one of a few fortunate tribes to be on land we have always considered home. A region within four mountains to each direction. Dinetah! So, I share this in regards to our home place. A place of belonging and safety. Played with two fingers from each hand. Simple easy scale that teaches breath control and finger movement synchronization. This little beauty sounds mesmerizing.