3 Hole Pretty Echo Whistle Flute Rainbow Laminate with Water design


A special series of rainbow laminate whistle flutes that I have to offer until gone. This is a Pretty Echo Whistle Flute made from a wood acquired in a big block that I cut into different sized pieces to make several flutes. This is the last 3 hole with a design on this particular rainbow laminate. This little flute is beautiful and will play wonderful melodies.

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This is a special unique and one of a kind whistle flute. Made from a laminate that has a process involving glueing together colored layers under intense pressure. This stuff is incredibly hard. I think it will turn to stone before it breaks or cracks with proper care. Made in a series of colors that I won’t make again. I’ll change the colors if I use a laminate again. I believe anyone can play this instrument. From a growing child to an adult. Two fingers from one hand and one finger from the other hand for a child and three fingers from one hand for an adult. Movement and an easy soft blowing breath synchronized to create the melodies.