18” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Purpleheart with Maple/Black Walnut inlay


This is an 18” traditional style hardwood Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of purple heart wood with an inlay of maple and black walnut inside each other on both the top and bottom of the flute. I adorned it with a bear shaped reed piece tied down with soft deerskin lace. After I finished the design on this flute it made sense to me that it has to do with grief. As I looked at the starburst patterns, I realized that it wasn’t a star falling but it rising to the place above. The turquoise stone in the center is wrapped with my grandmother’s rug design pattern to represent love surrounding pain. The stone is the owner of the flute, Holy, Sacred and Divine. The inlayed wood on both top and bottom are present for the reference to balance. Made of Purple Heart, it will last for generations as long as it cared for properly.

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This hardwood flute is made of purple heart and is quite unique in its sound and vibration. The wood is solid and very strong. The construction of it is very dense and creates a true sound. The vibration is a soothing 440Hz with all holes closed and will rise to a pleasant 940Hz with the third finger hole close and all others open. I believe, as the maker, that the wood being Purple Heart makes this a flute that with be very comforting and healing.