16” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Cedar/Purpleheart reed with Turtle design & Turquoise stone


This is a a 16” traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute made of cedar with a flat purpleheart reed tied down with leather. This flute is soft, light and made with thick funnel walls which makes it resonate powerfully. The vibration starts at a 410Hz with all holes closed and will only rise to a 810Hz level when playing in five hole style. The third finger hole from the top closed. The scale is harmonious and rich. I put my turtle design on it and a turquoise starburst for adornment. I’ve had this flute for awhile so I reduced the price. It needs a new home.

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A 16” traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute. This flute has a deep rich vibe because it’s mostly funnel and the walls are thick. I wanted the finger holes close for small to medium hands. Designed to play in front of you and close to the face so you don’t have to stretch to reach the finger holes. The mixture of red and white cedar give it a very pretty appearance. This is a beauty.