12” Traditional style Pretty Echo Spirit Flute Black walnut with cedar reed


This is the smallest version af a traditional style flute I make. More like a piccolo, I call it the “Echo-lo”. With a higher vibe that all the other flutes sounding more like a singing whistle. This one is made of black walnut with a flat cedar reed wrapped down with soft suede lace. The frequency starts at at a high 620Hz with all holes closed while blowing. It will rise to a pretty 1260Hz when playing with the third finger hole from the top closed. I shaped this one really different than other flutes for a special feel about it. It’s solid and durable. Small and compact. Signed for authenticity and ready for a new home.

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I’m humbled by the instruments that channel through my hands. Made of black walnut and no design or stone this flute is pretty and solid. The finger holes are tight for small to medium hands. Not recommended for big fingers. This is an excellent beginner flute as well as for someone with experience playing. The shape of this flute is like no other and it really sings for its size.