12” Traditional style Pretty Echo Flute Cedar with Mother of Pearl stone


The Pretty Echo Spirit Flute version of the piccolo which I call “The Echo-lo”. The smallest traditional style flute I channel. The length is short and the funnel tight so the frequency is high and the vibe sweet. With all holes closed this one starts at a 600Hz and will attain a 1300Hz playing with all finger holes open. Simple and elegant this flute is perfect for small hands, traveling everywhere and is small and compact but durable and strong.  This flute is for any one from a beginner to an experienced player. Again, the only caution is that this flute carries a higher frequency than all the other traditional style flutes. Signed for authenticity and ready for a new home.

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This is the a little bit of sunshine. Small and short but a singer. One of the newest members of the flute family this flute plays like a really cool whistle with lots of frequencies. Easy to play and with practice will vibe brightly. Made of cedar with a white cedar reed piece tied down with deerskin lace and a simple mother of stone inlay flush with the wood. Made with five finger holes specifically for a true beginner. The finger holes are spaced for small to medium hands. Playing is forward in front and close to the face rather than dropped down in front of the chest.